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Size Guidelines for Embroidery

Size Guidelines for Embroidery

Before submitting your design for embroidery, it is crucial to ensure the appropriate size for the intended garment area. To do this, print out the artwork and position it on the specific area where the embroidery will be applied. This preliminary step allows you to visualize the final embroidery pattern.

If the initial result is unsatisfactory, consider modifying the design by adjusting its size, altering the text placement, or both. For instance, it is recommended that a left chest design does not exceed 4 inches (101.6 millimeters) in width to prevent it from extending into the armpit area.

For optimal legibility, embroidered letters should maintain a minimum height of .22 inches (5 millimeters). Smaller lettering may be difficult to discern unless supported by a stable fill background.

To modify design dimensions effectively, consider the following approaches:

  • 1) Convert lowercase lettering to uppercase.
  • 2) Remove some of the letters.
  • 3) Distribute the letters across two or more lines.
  • 4) Arrange the lettering in an arc around the logo.

Following are the standard sizes of embroidery related to the location:

Location Height (inches) Width (inches) Height (millimeters) Width (millimeters)
Hat/Cap: 2.25 4.0 57.2 101.6
Left Chest: 4.0 3.5 101.6 88.9
Front Chest: 6.0 6.0152.4
Jacket Back: 11.0 11.0 279.4 279.4

Please note that due to various types and patterns of art, sizes may not coincide with the size table that we have above. For example for caps, if the height is 2.25 inches, width may not necessary be 4 inches. It could be more or less. If width is more than 4 inches (for caps), it will fall out of the cap size and cannot be embroidered and size needs to be adjusted to fall into the range of size table specified above.

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