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EBM 2.5 oz 8"x8" Cut Away Backing 500 Sheets

EBM 2.5 oz 8"x8" Cut Away Backing 500 Sheets

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EBM 2.5 oz 8"x8" Cut Away Backing is a type of stabilizer material used in embroidery to provide extra support to the fabric during the stitching process. It is made of a non-woven material, such as polyester or rayon, and is designed to be more durable and long-lasting than tear away backing.

Cut away backing is typically used for fabrics that are more stretchy or delicate and require more support to prevent puckering or distortion during the embroidery process. It is also often used for large or complex embroidery designs that require more stability than tear away backing can provide.

To use cut away backing, it is first hooped with the fabric being embroidered and then the design is stitched onto the fabric. Once the embroidery is complete, the excess backing around the design is carefully trimmed away using scissors or a rotary cutter, leaving a small margin of the backing around the embroidery to provide extra support.

Cut away backing is available in different weights and thicknesses to suit different fabrics and embroidery designs. It is also available in different colors to match the color of the fabric being embroidered, which can be important for designs that have open areas or cutouts.

Overall, cut away backing is a versatile and essential material for achieving high-quality embroidery designs on a variety of fabrics.

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